BEYOND Studios Frisco COVID-19 Policy 
Last Updated on May 21, 2020
-You will notice there are now 30 minutes between each class. This allows us to thoroughly disinfect and sanitize between sessions.  
-Classes are open to our members and class package holders to book through the BEYOND app, MindBody or our website. BEYOND Pilates Frisco is no longer available for booking through ClassPass or StudioHop. 
-The number of spots has been reduced to comply with government-mandated social distancing and capacity guidelines. There will be 8 spots per class.

-We ask that you do not enter the studio earlier than 10 minutes before your class time. 
-Please wait in your car or distance 6 feet apart outside until we welcome you in.
-Our lobby is small. Please wear a mask in the high traffic areas of the studio and mindfully practice social distancing.   -Upon entering the studio, please sanitize your hands in the lobby. We have several hand sanitizer stations around the studio. 
-The first time you come back, we will require a signed updated waiver including COVID-19 waiver.
 -As always, you will be checked in by the front desk. If your class time does not have front desk support, your instructor will check  you in.   
-The front changing room is temporily closed so please come dressed for your workout. 
-No one will be allowed into class after it beings. Please arrive on time.  Late arrivals will be treated as no-shows. 

-The storage cubbies have been temporarily removed. Store your belongings in the new bins by your reformer. 
-We will practice social distancing by ensuring individuals are at least six feet apart in the studio room.
-We have amped up our wipe-down protocol and will be passing out our medical grade wipes before and after each class. 
-There will be no hands-on adjustments from instructors.
-We have temporarily removed props and handweights from the studio room.  Boxes, the prenatal arc and gondola bars are still available upon request for clients who need modifications. Please alert your instructor before class starts. 

-Instructors will pass out our medical-grade disinfectant wipes after class and we ask that you wipe down thoroughly and dispose of your wipe. 
-This next one makes us sad: as much as we love to socialize with you and be your home away from home, we ask that you be mindful of time and exit the studio within 10 minutes of your class ending. This will help us ensure we do not exceed the 8 client capacity at any time. You are welcome to keep the party going on our front patio, with social distance spacing.   
-Once you leave, we will disinfect and sanitize the equipment and entire studio with our EPA-approved cleaner before the next class arrives. This includes cleaning door handles, surfaces, bathroom, etc. 

-All of our BEYOND staff will be temperature checked with an infrared thermometer and asked to verify they are not experiencing symptoms upon arrival at the studio.
-Staff will be required to wear gloves and masks at all times. Instructors will wear a face shield while using a microphone in class. 
-All staff has been completely trained on the new safety & cleaning protocols. 

-The fitting room is temporarily closed and try-ons in studio are temporarily not allowed.
-You may take clothing home "on approval" and return any styles that don't work within 2 days. We will charge your purchase upon approval. 
-Returned retail items will not go back on the floor until they have been "quarantined" for 48 hours. 

-Mask? Gloves? Socks? Double check to make sure you have all three before driving to the studio.
-Grip socks are still required. We will not be able to offer loaner socks. Arrival at the studio without socks 
-Full-fingered gloves are required for fitness studio participants per the State of Texas. Just as you do with grip socks, please wash your gloves between sessions. We will sell gloves but will not have them in stock by June 1 so please purchase your own.   
-Mask are required while in common areas, but you may remove it once on your reformer. Please consult with your physician if you have questions about masks and exercise. 
-If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to the studio until you have been symptom-free and fever-free for 72 hours.
-If you have tested positive for COVID-19 or were exposed to someone who tested positive, we ask that you not come to the studio for 14 days or until you've tested negative for COVID-19. 
-If you feel unwell or have any concerns about coming to BEYOND, please stay home and stay safe. Please text the studio (949) 575-8390  if you begin to feel ill within the late cancel window. We may request doctor's notes for multiple late cancels.
-If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or contracted COVID-19 within 14 days of your last visit to the studio, please refer to your updated liability waiver for information on how to inform the studio & how your information will be kept confidential. 
-We will continue to enforce late cancel and no show fees. 

COVID-19 is a new and highly contagious virus. The information on this page is current as of the date at the top of this page.  We will continue to update our COVID-19 protocol as new information is released by the CDC and State of Texas. 

If you have questions, please contact the studio:
Phone: (469) 980-7077

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